RAGDOLLS are multimaterial creatures made with scraps, fragments that can divide, rotate and assemble again simulating living movement. Then there is an island, a love story and an evil Plague Doctor trying to collect all the multiplicity that those mixed-up forms of life can bring in a striped, jail-like establishing.

Original music sheets from the early 1900’s moves this little chimeras’ parade at the Rag time.

RAGDOLLS PARADE is a book that comes out at the end of a process which lasted more than a year, starting in Colombia with a theater performance, and then a six meters drawn roll that illustrates it.

From the  flowing continuity of  a roll, eyes, arms, legs and bodies are extracted and isolated by a new Victor Frankenstein. Reproducing and combining them, hidden creatures, movements and stories are revealed.

The whole work develops as a big detournement and cut-up operation by moving and implanting new elements in old and “al-ready made” structures, making the book as a ragdoll itself, pages and images dancing at their own music.