MUNECAS + CUT OFF 04. 2013 @ Elastico Studio – Bologna



at Elastico studio Gallery, Bologna – Italy

 The CUT OFF exhibition is part of a project structured into three overlapping layers of activity/production around a mutant fairy tale: a book [Trude Rabbit], a roll of drawings and slices of these drawings. The orginal eight meters long roll, whose photographic reproductions where exposed during the exhibition, has been cut and fragments recomposed following two different logical forms: the CUT THE MUSTARD and CUT OFF projects. Two different excluding parts generating a double field of action and relationship, below and above the cut-off line.

 MUNECAS is a roll of drawings (about 9 meters) in which the artist rewrites through images the concept of her own live performance Si el capital tenia plumas. The original roll was exposed in that occasion to be cut and sold by centimeter.


SI EL CAPITAL TENIA PLUMAS – 7th Carnaval internacional de las Artes, Barranquilla (CO)



workshop and live performance for El Carnaval Internacional de las Artes, 7th edition in Barranquilla – Colombia­

A dialogue between the coloured, gaudy caribbean carnival and the black-and-white venetian one is the basis from which the workshop moves.

In a few days, by using the same materials that colombian people employ to embody their flamboyant, carnivalesque pantheon, the artist realised her own, hybrid version of some important italian masks like Arlecchino, Zanni, Bautta and Plague’s Doctor. A re-definition of the traditional meaning of these masks gives inspiration to the performance, involving colombian young boys and girls in a two days workshop and the final show.

On the scenary of a contemporary worldwide crisis, social and economical status are criteria we are induced to assume evaluating our own life. Those parametres, like a Plague Doctor, would establish if our existence is healthy and if we deserve to live inside the golden city walls.
Or like a master of puppets, pulling the strings of our life through induced desires and ambitions.