GROW n.2 on the way

Last year it was an idea, a newborn project roaming around in our beloved galaxy of underground comic and printed art.. looking for someone to share this vegetal-vision with.

A few months passed , and we grew up !

Thanks to a great crew of international artists, comic authors, writers, gardeners and tropical flowers we realized our first “real” issue and now I can’t wait to present it .

Chloé Poizat, Valerio bindi, Ivana Armanini, Sonno, Radovan Popovic, Annalisa Trapani, Hurricane, Antonia Santolaya, Carola Bonfili, Taylor Mckimens, Martin Lopez Lam, Uolve, Tarace, Nele Brönner, Laura Cingolani, Giuseppe Zema, Roberta Scomparsa, Martha Verschaffel, Tony Cheung… and Bambi Kramer.

More info coming soon.

cover art: Chloé Poizat